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Parent Booking FAQs

Contact the host directly. Please note their cancellation policy.

If you are wanting to book a party locally but there are no results being displayed for your area, please contact BangarangBirthdays directly and we'll help you find a location!

No, to keep the booking process as simple as possible, you do not need an account. And email confirmation will be sent once you have booked a party and that is all you need! An email reminder will be sent 2 days in advance of your booking too.

Any questions about the actual party or details will need to be forwarded directly to the party host. Bangarang does not handle any of the actual parties, we are only the booking service.

Birthday Host FAQs

Upon sign up, you'll need to provide your paypal email so we can provide instant payment directly from the customer to your account.

There is NO cost to sign up, NO monthly cost to maintain your account! The only time you pay a service fee is when a party is booked. We bill the total at the end of each month to the checking account you provide at sign up.

There are 3 different ways a parent may find your link to book.
1 - Include your direct link on any birthday advertisements you do, facebook pages, posts, or ads, or on your website.
2 - Parents that have booked a party at another location previously may now be looking for a different party for their next birthday.
3 - Once we have enough host locations, we will start a national advertising campaign, helping to drive traffic to your location.